Our Priorities

Our Priorities have all been set out in the SAB Work plan 2018-19

1.1 Ensure the SAB provides strategic leadership to embed the principles of safeguarding across agencies and contribute to the prevention of abuse and neglect
Desired outcome for adults: Confidence in Multi-agency safeguarding responses, and safeguarded from abuse and neglect

1.2 Develop arrangements with other Boards to respond to and capture emerging safeguarding themes, including Domestic Abuse, Modern Slavery, Cuckooing, Exploitation and abuse of those transitioning from children’s to adult services, and safeguarding rough sleepers
Desired outcome for adults: Confidence in Multi-agency joined up safeguarding responses, and safeguarded from abuse and neglect

2.1 Establish robust feedback mechanisms on safeguarding policies and procedures
Desired outcome for adults: Safeguarding policy and practice is flexible to support those requiring support

3.1 Ensure learning from reviews is effectively embedded into practice to facilitate organisational change across agencies
Desired outcome for adults: Confidence that services are learning and improving in their safeguarding practice

3.2 Ensure the SAB has robust multi-agency safeguarding data to inform training and practice
Desired outcome for adults: Influence over service delivery

4.1 Adults, carer’s and the local community assisting to shape the work of the SAB and safeguarding responses
Desired outcome for adults: Feel empowered for their voices to be heard in safeguarding practice and policy development

5.1 Ensure the workforce is equipped to support adults appropriately where abuse and neglect are suspected. This is to include emerging themes of coercive control and domestic abuse, modern slavery, cuckooing, and safeguarding rough sleepers
Desire outcome for adults: Have confidence in the support being offered

Please see the SAB Work plan 2018-19 for further details on how our priorities will be achieved.



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