Our Priorities

Our Priorities have all been set out in the SAB Work plan 2017-18


1.1 Ensure the effectiveness and transparency of the SAB to oversee and lead adult safeguarding and the prevention of abuse

Desired outcome for adults: Confidence in Multi-agency safeguarding responses, and safeguarded from abuse and neglect


2.1 Ensure section 42 safeguarding arrangements are in place under the Care Act, with appropriate feedback and review arrangements

2.2 Develop clear mechanisms for responding to and monitoring quality concerns

Desired outcome for adults: Desired outcomes advocated for and proportionate responses given


3.1 Focus on personalising and integrating safeguarding responses, and measure safeguarding outcomes that bring safety and people’s wishes together

Desired outcome for adults: Offered choice and control in safeguarding responses


4.1 Allow the voice of clients, carers, and the local community to be heard in safeguarding policy and practice

4.2 Ensure that people are aware of safeguarding and know what to do if they have a concern

4.3 Ensure transition arrangements from Children’s to Adult services, for those at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation, are addressed in a multi-agency context

Desired outcome for adults: Influence over service delivery


5.1 Ensure that all people involved in safeguarding have the appropriate skills, knowledge and competencies

5.2 Ensure clear links exist between Partnership Boards with accountability arrangements documented and understood to avoid duplication of work-streams

Desired outcome for adults: Consistency received in safeguarding responses



Please see the SAB Work plan 2017-18 for further details on how our priorities will be achieved.



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