Lay Members

The role of lay members is to enable effective ties to be developed between the SAB and the local community and ensuring the work of the SAB is transparent and accessible.

Lay members support the work of the Board by:

  • Contributing to the development of strategies and plans to respond to and prevent abuse and neglect
  • Challenging the work of the SAB where required
  • Bringing an awareness and knowledge of the diverse communities and individuals living in East Sussex and through this


“I have now had the opportunity to support the Board in my role as lay member for another year, and have remained impressed by the strategic oversight of the Board in its role to ensure vulnerable adults are effectively safeguarded. It is clear a good deal of learning develops from on-going policy and practice reviews, and concise action plans are developed which attempt to ensure this learning impacts on the front-line of service provision. There is still more work that can be done to monitor the impact of all implemented strategies to truly assess their efficacy and to measure their impact on the desired outcomes. Additionally, it feels important to increase participation of the broader community, to ensure the Board’s strategies truly reflect the community it is hoping to serve, to maximize the opportunity to develop proactive strategies to prevent abuse and to strengthen and develop the reactive strategies in responding to abuse. Furthermore, this would enable the Board to gain an insight into the effectiveness of the activities of practice, such that the Board’s role is dynamic and responsive and wholly in touch with the practice ‘on the ground” 

Board Lay member 2018

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