The Referral Process

Safeguarding awareness screensaver

Anybody can raise a safeguarding concern for themselves or another person   

What you can do

No-one should have to live with abuse or neglect – it is always wrong, whatever the circumstances. Don’t assume that someone else is doing something about the situation.

  • You can use the information on this website to seek advice or raise a concern.
  • If you, or the person you are concerned about, is injured, call an ambulance or seek help from a doctor.
  • If you think a crime has happened, you can contact the police.
  • You can always get advice, including anonymously. Contact Adult Social Care Direct on 0345 60 80 191.
  • Make a note of your concerns, what has happened, and anything you have done about it.
  • If you are worried about someone you know, try to speak to them, if it is safe to do this. Tell them why you are concerned, and ask them what they want you to do about it – always try to get their agreement to seek help.


What will happen next?

When a concern is reported, we will:

  • talk to the person at risk to find out what they want to happen,
  • support them to have an advocate if they need one,
  • respond professionally and sensitively, and take concerns seriously,
  • talk to the police if a crime may have been committed,
  • talk to other agencies that need to be involved, and
  • agree the best way of helping, including about other types of support.

If the Sussex Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures are the best way to provide help, they will also:

  • work with the person to help keep them safe,
  • make a plan to look into the concerns, and
  • check with the person that what they wanted to happen, has happened.

If the person refuses help, but others may be at risk, we will need to take appropriate action, however, we will always keep them informed.


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