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18th April 2017

Financial abuse of vulnerable adults in East Sussex is being targeted in a new campaign being run in the county on behalf of the East Sussex Safeguarding Adult Board.

Financial abuse could include someone pressurising a person to make gifts or to change their will, spending money or taking possessions without consent, misusing Power of Attorney or obtaining money through scams.

Financial abuse is most commonly perpetrated by someone the person knows, but can also be carried out by a stranger.

The campaign will see posters and leaflets distributed across the county, activity on social media and engagement events held with partner agencies and members of the public.

Anyone concerned that they, or someone they know, may have experienced financial abuse, should contact Health and Social Care Connect by calling 0345 6080191, texting 07797 878111 or emailing

 If a crime is suspected, people should contact Sussex Police by calling 101.


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